Don’t be depressed, you are not alone….

Are you feeling that you are worthless?? Becoming a Sad and hopeless person from a fun loving person?? Or feeling lonely for some time or a long time?? Then you may be suffering from depression. It is a condition that prevents you from enjoying your own life. Don’t be afraid you are not alone; more than 50 million people in India also face the same problem. India becomes the home of one of the largest number of depressed people in the world.


Many people or it is better to say all most all of us think that depression is just a bad mood or some bad days. Taking it in a casual way we think that it is a common for today’s generation that almost everyone have in their lives. Everyone has this problem a little bit or much more, so if I have the same it’s quite normal or for some people it is not at all a problem. But it is not like being in a bad mood or having a bad day. It is a long term problem that last for months or even years.  It is not a tiny problem that you can neglect. Severe depression causes insanity or suicidal death also.

Depression is a part of mental disorder. There are a variety of causes for depression including genetic, environmental and psychological and biochemical factors. Depression usually starts between the ages of 15 to 30 years and is much more common in women. Older people are also suffering from it in these days.


You may be depressed if for more than two weeks you’ve felt sad, down or miserable most of the time, or have lost interest or pleasure in usual activities and have also experienced several of the signs and symptoms across the categories below.


  • not going out anymore
  • not getting things done at work/school
  • withdrawing from close family and friends
  • relying on alcohol and sedatives
  • not doing usual enjoyable activities
  • unable to concentrate


  • guilty
  • irritable
  • frustrated
  • lacking in confidence
  • unhappy
  • disappointed
  • miserable
  • sad


  • ‘I’m a failure.’
  • ‘It’s my fault.’
  • ‘Nothing good ever happens to me.’
  • ‘I’m worthless.’
  • ‘Life’s not worth living.’
  • ‘People would be better off without me.’


  • tired all the time
  • sick and run down
  • headaches and muscle pains
  • sleep problems
  • loss or change of appetite
  • significant weight loss or gain

It’s important to remember that we all experience some of these symptoms from time to time, and it may not necessarily mean you’re depressed. Equally, not everyone who is experiencing depression will have all of these symptoms.

The exact cause of depression is not found by doctors. A number of things are often linked to its development in our mind. Depression is usually a result of combination of different factor like recent life events, chemical imbalance in brain and personal factors i.e. family history, personality, serous illness and use of drug and alcohol.

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People feel shy and awkward to take medical or psychological help most of the times due to some misconceptions about psychological treatments and the thought of what others think or react about it.

Like my previous blog I am again saying that having a mental disorder like depression is not at all a matter of shame and suffering from it does not mean that the person is mad or crazy. Many famous celebrities have also suffered from depression also. Are they become crazy?? No.  It is just as a physical health problem which needs some treatment for recovery. That person needs your help and support to overcome from depression. You can control your depression and recover completely from it by taking psychological help from doctors, increasing social support, changing the way you think and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


There are several types of depressive disorders like relatively minor or severe depression. You can take control of your depression and can be completely recovered. Identify if you have thoughts of death, self harm or suicide. If you find you have been going through this kind of thought please consult with the psychologist. You need to talk to a therapist or doctor who will help you work through the issues you are going through at the current time. Some common therapies used in case of depression are- Medication, Talk Therapy or Counseling, Psychological help etc.

For minor cases of depression a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude towards life is enough for cure. Here are some ways to get out from the depression-

  1. Change your thinking: The most important factor for eliminating your depression is to change the way you think. Discard those negative thoughts from your mind which depress you; think more about positive things which make you feel better. Being a more positive thinker will help you look at your life and world in a way that gives you hope. To think more positively, you should learn how to recognize your negative thoughts and to fight them with stronger positive thoughts whenever you can.positive-thinking-b
  2. Make laughter a bigger part in your life: Try to make happy the most important person in your life i.e. you. A true laughter will make you feel happy and reduce your stress. You can watch at least one comedy movie in a week, cracking jokes when you spend time with your family or hang out with friends. The more you laugh; the more you can feel happier and have less anxiety, which can lower your stress levels and improve your mental health.  Smiling more has also been shown to improve your mood and make you laugh more readily. 43ff238976281a6d3c0bcbf8144e9343
  3. Maintain healthy relationship: eliminate toxic or unhealthy relationships from your life if they are causing you great pain. Maintain a good relationship with your friends and family members or any other person. Healthy relationship will not only help you cope with your depression by talking about it, but they can make you feel more loved and supported. family_relationships
  4. Share problems with close ones: Friends and family can help you by listening to your problems and encourage you to do something about it. Talk to a family member or another trusted person who can support you during the worst moments about it first who will understand the problem. Be honest about your feelings so they can begin to understand your feelings and help you. 841443-friends
  5. Try to do something new: Try to do something new and interesting that gives you pleasure. At least try to do something new by stepping out from your comfort zone such as writing poems or articles, cooking something for your family or whatever you like. At first it may seem boring or not very interesting to you but over the time they will become enjoyable and you will searching time for it. writing-923882_960_720
  6. Increase social interactions: Talk with friends, family and colleagues who make you feel good and who are good to be around. Spend time with people who see the world in a positive way and ask them to share their visions, ideas and approach to life with you Learn from them what makes them happy and positive person in their life. index
  7. Exercise: Exercising for just half and hour a day will have a great impact on your physical and mental health. Exercising can give you more energy and make you feel more motivated throughout the day. Running or swimming for an hour is also great for exercise. If you do not have much time just walking for 20 minutes a day can help you a lot. how_exercise_can_make_you_smarter
  8. Meditation: Studies suggests that meditation can benefit those experiencing depression. The practice can help you begin to train your mind to recognize negative and unproductive thoughts and not accept them as truth. Meditation takes time and practice. It can take a long time to bring your focus to the present moment, especially if you’re used to blame the past or on worries about the future.meditation
  9. Get enough sleep at night: Depression is often associated with either too much or too little sleep. Sleeping is essential for a healthy, balanced body. Lack of sleep can aggravate negative thinking easily. Even too much sleep can leave depressed persons feeling tired. Set your daily routine and go to bed at the same time every day to improve your sleeping habits. 8 hours of sleep is a common recommendation by the doctors, you might require more or less. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep every night. good-nights-sleep
  10. Maintain a healthy diet: Eating a healthy, balanced diet can also help you to beat depression. You need to eat three meals a day. Eating healthier food regularly will improve your mental and physical state. Do not skip meals; specially the breakfast. Add more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Reduce sugary food and unhealthy junk food. Eat a balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein every day. 6-mealscopyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Thank you for reading this post….

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14 thoughts on “Don’t be depressed, you are not alone….

    1. thanx rajdeep for reading my blog post.. i am glad to know that my post helps you.. plz try and inform me later whether they work or not… keep smiling and be positive.. 🙂


  1. It has happened to me , i mean depression has sneaked all of me from me. In my school life , i was the most entertainer boy in my class honestly speaking. But , after entering my college life those everything inside me have changed completely. I changed from someone whom i was used to be. I started to tiptoe even and still unemployment is killing the remaining part of mine. So , i guess your ideas may reflect some changes inside me.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanx again rohit for reading and sharing your wonderful feedback…. 🙂 i wish you will completely recover from depression. bring back the positivity towards life and maintain a healthy lifestyle everything will be fine gradually. keep patience. never give up or stop trying… be happy and keep reading.. 🙂


    1. thank you so much sir for reading my blog post.. i am glad that my advice helps u. depression is very common now a days. almost everyone suffered from it in any certain period of life. your blog is very interesting . i like your blog posts.


  2. depression is a complex beast that, for some of us, will not be chased away. we have to learn how to live with the dragon. i find that allowing the darkness in can lead me to times of great and deep creativity. i also believe that just as many if not more men live with depression but do not expose it. men are very private with their hearts. we tend to hold our hurts and fears and wildest joys to ourselves. we build walls around ourselves. our world tells men that exposing their emotions is a weakness, and does not respect or take care of men who expose weakness.

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