Being an engineer in India is good or bad??

     “Engineering” we all know this word. We can hardly find any person who is not known to engineering. Almost every father or mother belonging to middle class family in India where engineering and medical degree has become the obvious choice now a day want to make their sons or daughters either doctor or engineer so that they will earn high salary and have a top job in future.In India, A normal Engineering student is pursuing engineering because everybody is doing so and his/her parents also feel the same.


 Very few numbers of students get the opportunity to become a doctor due to fewer numbers of medical colleges present in India and fewer vacancies in those colleges. So the rest of students choose the other option that is engineering.

 Many of you and I also belong to this category of students. This post is written not to criticize you at all. Through this post I want to describe what is the actual scenario of engineering education system in India.

How much money do you spend on your engineering degree??

How many interviews did you give and failed??

How many days or months do you spend on searching jobs??

Lakhs of rupees are spent for an engineering degree with lots of dreams and hopes of getting a good job. However the truth is different. Most of the engineers are either jobless or doing a lower grade and unsatisfying job. Some of them preparing for government jobs, civil service examination as well as trying for MNCs. some of them are preparing for masters but before that they send lots of time more than 1-2 years. This time is the most precious time for any engineering graduate.


Do you know that according to latest report only 25% engineering graduates in India are employable?  This means they can work in the industry and utilize their engineering knowledge. This is because of poor quality of education in private as well as some government engineering colleges. Believe me more than 75% engineers are not fit for industry. But we should not completely blame this 75% engineers. Most of these students are forced by their parents to pursue career in Engineering.  

Clearly, something is horribly wrong with our technology education system. I decided to highlight these problems and here are those things that could be wrong –

  1. Demand and supply: Too many engineering students are graduated every year. Approximately 1.5 million engineers are achieved by India. There is a huge increment in the number of engineers occurred over a decade. However there are only so many new jobs being created every year. Though demand is less and supply is more engineers are jobless.


  1. Outdated learning: The syllabus of engineering courses is pathetic and backdated. For an example teaching microprocessor with 8085 and 8086. Seriously? Most of the electronics engineers are not known to which latest processors used these days as well as how they work. Not staying in touch with the latest technology could be one reason why engineering students are not relevant to today’s industry. Of course companies don’t want to hire them.


  1. Lack of knowledge: Very few engineers actually know anything about their field. Education systems of engineering colleges are very poor in some cases. An engineering student can tell the working principle of a device thoroughly but if any problem occurs he or she has no idea what to do. Basically they don’t have any practical knowledge about that device. In some colleges it is found that even the teachers or faculty members does not have proper knowledge about any subject. How can any student learn anything where teacher does not have proper knowledge? Why should someone hire these engineers?


  1. Bad exam culture: Learning is a continual process and exams are a way to measure the extent of anyone’s learning. It is not the end all. Unfortunately, the CGPA or grade of a graduate is the first filter for the judgment whether he is a good or bad student, and hence students give emphasis on only the exam and not on learning the subject. This results in weak fundamental knowledge. Hence, they become industry irrelevance.


  1. Theory vs. practical: The current education system has a great distance between theory and practice. Very little of what is learnt at college can be put into practice in everyday life. What is available in the labs for practical knowledge is outdated or does not work properly. What they have to do just take some readings from the given output of an experiment and write a lab copy without knowing why they are doing this and what experiment they are doing. I forgot to mention that experiments are done with experiment kits often. So students don’t have the basic idea how to do a circuit. I have clearly remembered that some of my friends from a different college don’t know about bread board which is widely used in electronics in spite of being electronics engineers.

electrical technology lab

  1. Engineers are not robots: Most Indian engineering students are incapable of working without strict guidelines. For most companies, this is one of the biggest problems. Engineers have to think. Not just follow orders like a robot.


These are not unknown reasons. Every unemployed engineering graduate in the country knows these reasons, as they have affected his/her life. These problems have been faced for over a decade. Now, if they still haven’t changed, I don’t expect them to change either.

Government should take some steps to improve the quality of education in Indian colleges. Also the syllabus should be made par to the industry standards.

 The quality of the engineering education in India is very poor. Even many Companies have stated that they are facing difficulties in hiring fresher engineers.

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45 thoughts on “Being an engineer in India is good or bad??

    1. thank you arka for reading my blog post.. 🙂 this is the reality of engineering education in the present days.. i think all engineering or even non engineering students can also relate them with this post..


  1. This is so damn true. The goverment should read this, so they can understand how our condition is.i really appreciate that you once again remind us this hard truth.

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  2. Well said…!! But you told in the section of “outdated learning”, sorry but i am 50% agree with that. Because starting from basic and then going to top would be best. 8085 are the backbone in case of basic learning of processor , we cant ignore them and read about latest microprocessor. We know about transistor. But how many of us knows the face that transistor is a variable resistor???? I guess a few one only. So basic is must. Now coming to your point,ok we have C, Java, etc. But why dont our education system gives us to learn something which is better in making money as well as having a feeling like “Yes we are engineers”.. which are like Penetration testing & security testing with kali linux etc. So i guess you are right that there is a need of modification in syllabus.

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    1. thank you rohit for reading.. 🙂 i think you don’t get what i was actually want to say. i am not against the basics. we should know the basic things for an example we can’t write a sentence if u don’t know the alphabet. what i want to say in this point is only basic knowledge is not sufficient. students must know the latest things also to do their job in a better way in industries.. i think now you get the outdated learning point.. 🙂


    1. thank you for reading my blog post ankur. patience matters but youngsters don’t have that maturity level in young age. it is the duty of their parents to understand what are their dream and support them instead of convincing or forcing them. quality of education is falling day by day as educational institutions are mainly interested about their profit, not the future of students.

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  3. True, and the core reason behind is that the young engineers in India lack the level of competence required to excel at international level and the only people to blame is indifferent teacher’s fraternity.

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    1. Thanks for reading.. 🙂 Yes, engineering students of almost every country are facing this problem… They have degree as well as good grades but they are not employable..


      1. yeah. that is so true,but luckily as civil engineer here, we can work privately we can get projects in a private individuals but,that is very hard to do. it is risky because you will still belong to unemployed from being self employed if you dont have clients.

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      2. Here also civil engineers have the same kind of opportunity.. Yes, being self employed is risky but being self employed people can be more creative as well as feel free to work better… Thanks for sharing your feedback.. Please keep reading my blog posts… 😀

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  4. I was chatting to an engineer friend recently who has been a most renowned individual within the industry for many years. His immediate criticism of the younger engineers was that, in general, they wanted to start at the top. His first task was to teach them to have patience and listen to the men actually performing the physical tasks. After all, he said: Those performing the physical work, more often than not, had ideas, garnered from their experiences, that were more likely far more practical than his. Experience being the key to success.

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  5. Great article! Here in the United States engineering is still a very safe solid career choice. Although the outdated learning & mismatch between teaching theory vs practical application is real here as well.

    Thinking about it now, your article may explain why so many Indian folks have enjoyed reading my blog. Because I try to share the practical things that get overlooked in engineering school. for those interested ;p

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  6. Great post…well done.
    I am also an engineering student (Mechatronics major) in Egypt. Actually, as you said, our syllabus is outdated that we cant link what we study with what we are seeing in our everyday life, from technological devices or tools even. That’s why I am depending on myself and I just see what we are taking in college as a history of how things started 😀

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  7. My daughter given 2th exam and she was preparing for iit jee main exam also. Suddenly she says now she does not wan to do engineering and she wants to pursue in languages. My question Is there any scope for studying languages

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