We all have some problems in our lives. It varies person to person.  Having problem in life is very normal. Nobody has a perfect life. The most important thing is that how we deal with the problems or how positively we are facing them. Today I’m going to share a short but inspirational story of a girl, the ever smiling girl.

This is a real story which I heard about a year ago from a girl. That morning I was waiting for the train at the Shyamnagar railway station (Shyamnagar is a small town at West Bengal in India) to go to my coaching classes like every other day.  I saw that a little girl was coming towards the platform in a hurry with a heavy school bag to catch the train. This is a common scenario during office hours at the railway that station people are running towards the station to catch the train. She was looking like a 12 to 13 year old girl reading in 7th or 8th standard. One thing that I found special in that girl is her innocent and sweet smile.

This girl is not Puja. This photo is downloaded from internet.

As soon as she reached to the platform train arrives. Both of us including many other people step into the train with lots of struggle like winning a short battle as a huge crowd is trying to get into the train at a time. No empty seats were there as usual I found a corner and stand there. After few minutes I noticed that little girl with never ending smile was standing beside me in that crowded train compartment.

  I asked her name and which class did she read. She replied her name is Puja and she was in 10th standard, preparing for her board exams and she is 15 years old. She used to travel 2hours to reach the school and to return from school to home another 2 hours were needed.  I was quite shocked to know that a little girl of her age travels for 2 hours to go to the school every day alone. This is just the beginning when I listened to her story I was completely shocked.

 Her story was like this there are there are 3 members in her family her mother, her younger brother and herself. Her father was died when she was a 5 or 6 years of age. Puja’s mother had been selling fruits and vegetables beside Shyamnagar railway station to meet their daily expenses.  However, one day when she was returning back home she had fallen down from the running train and got severe injury in her head and legs. Almost for 8-9 months she was unable to get up from the bed. Family was suffering from financial crisis. At that time her brother who was only 12 or 13 years old leaved his school and started to do work in a factory to support his family financially in the crucial time. He took the burden of expenses of his mother’s treatment and her sister’s education also. For his hard work and sacrifice Puja was able to continue her education without missing a single year.

After hearing the story I was speechless how a girl who had faced so many bad things in her life always keep smiling as well as be calm and positive. That time I saw tears in her eyes for few seconds but that innocent and sweet smile was also there on her face. I asked about her mother’s health. Puja replied that her mother was well and able to walk again and her head injury was also recovering. After that she told me her dream is to a teacher and to continue her brother’s education.  

After that the reached the station and both of us were gone towards our destinations. I never met with her again but I want to meet her and say thanks to her for giving me such an inspiration and positivity towards life. I don’t know whether she is able to continue her studies or not. I always wish for her bright future and happy life.

One thing that inspired me most was Puja’s positive attitude towards life. Her smile never fades from her lips. She is an ever smiling girl with an inspiration to others. She was not complaining about what she did not have or cursing her luck as we often do when things are not going well in our life. She was happy with only 10 rupees per day (5 rupees for traveling and 5 rupees for food during lunch break) which is given to her by her brother. Although she had some hope and dream of a better life in future for her family and herself.

Puja’s will power and positivity inspires me too much. My mother always tells that there is no age limit for learning we can learn at the age of 6 or 60 from anybody whether that person is younger or elder one. I learned two lessons from Puja that day. Number one we should value what we have in our life and be happy with them rather than being unhappy all the time what we don’t have. Number two how to be positive in tough times of our life.

One more things I want to mention is the maturity of Puja’s brother. In that age a very few boys can take such a step. Leaving his education and start working not only snatches his education but also his childhood had lost also.

Thousands of girls like Puja and boys like her brother are present in India who are ruining their childhood for lack of money. Government should take some effective steps to protect the childhood of these children. They are the future of our country.

We should feel very lucky that we don’t have to face that kind of situation. We have so many things in available in our lives to feel happy. We just need to realize it and discard negative thoughts from our lives.

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29 thoughts on “THE EVER SMILING GIRL

  1. Its so true and at the same time its a sign of danger for the future of India which wants to be a power house in coming days. I always think that inspite of opening a shopping mall and all those fancy stuff in an unneeded area government should open a service which can be availed by every lower class people. Tell me what is the use of opening Shopping mall, resturent and all those fancy things for the poors??? We live in an era where govt wants to make the country WI-FI country but what is the use of it for the girls like puja and boys her brother. I am not against the progress but i want it from deep down core then stepwise to top not taking one inch jump even in meanwhile.Govt just envokes the plans for poors but isn’t his responsibility too to investigate whether those facilities are reaching to them properly or not?? Every facilities are for high class and some of them are for middle class people but what about the poor class??? Ain’t the human being like us???

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    1. thanx rohit for reading my blog post.. 🙂 what a amazing thought you have. however i want to say this is not only government’s responsibility but also responsibility of ours also. we can help them also if we want.


      1. Yeah sure. Its not just limited to govt.We also should step forward and bias them.I was just trying to say that govt has much source and money than us if they wish then they can do it in a wider way than us. But current govt is somewhat much and much better than former one.I wish he wll must do something for them.

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      2. you are right. major steps should be taken by the government. government should work for welfare of the common people specially who belong to the poor background. let’s see how this government help the poor people.


  2. After reading the whole story 4 times I came with this thought that,
    Keep your face always toward the sunshine & shadows will fall behind you. 🙂

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  3. I have couple of thanks to you.
    First of all I would like to give a big thank to Rashmi for bringing up such a wonderful storyline to us. Story is less exceptional, more realistic but solely thought provoking..The way you capitalise your concept towards positivity that is mesmerizing and I will suggest you to incorporate the ever smiling girl character with a border aspect in further blogs. To explain the struggle of the girl, thank you for not being typical feminist..Thanks for recognising the sacrifice of the 12 years boy..Thank u again.

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    1. thank you so much anik for reading my blog post and giving your wonderful feedback… this is a real life story.. so we all should respect those two kids and inspired by them to live a positive life. this story is not about only girls. i wanted to focus on how many children lost their childhood due to poverty.. we should be thankful for what we have instead of complaining what we don’t have…
      keep reading my blog posts.. 🙂


  4. wonderful story…. in our daily life we pass by so many such type of people like puja…but we never thought of pausing for a moment and listening to their struggle in life…. thank you for sharing the story of this girl… and helping us to rejuvenate with a positive energy and moving forward with a much more stronger hope….we should remember that our life is like a boxing game… DEFEAT IS NOT DECLARED WHEN YOU FALL DOWN…IT IS DECLARED WHEN YOU REFUSE TO GET UP…

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    1. thank you so much for reading lopamudra.. i shared this story through my blog because i wanted people to realize we have so many things in our life but we don’t value them and complaining for those things what we don’t have.. puja’s positive attitude inspired me a lot.. we should help girls like puja for achieving their dreams..


  5. Rashmi,
    Thanks for the sweet post. We may not have all the answers to make a perfect world but recognizing touching moments keeps us real and our hearts open. Since mostly women have been beside children through the ages they should speak out and voice their opinions to help be a part of the change.

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