A Common Indian Mother With An Exceptional Mentality

A mother is the most precious gift and the most important person in everyone’s life.  Without whom our lives are incomplete. For every person mother is the most beautiful and caring person in our lives.  A mother not only gives birth to a child but also she always cares every moment for our every need without her any personal intention.  Millions of quotes, phrases, poems stories have been written about mother and her love for her children.


Today I am going to share a true story of one mother and her love for her four daughters. Since I don’t know her name I am writing her name as Sara. Sara is a Muslim woman of age around 35 years; belongs to a lower middle class Muslim family in a small town at West Bengal in India.

Her religion is mentioned to describe her life and thoughts in a better way. I am against of any kind of religion or caste discrimination. For me we all are Indians and it is our primary identity.

The day before yesterday when I was returning back to my home in the evening in a local I met Sara. She was sitting beside me with her youngest daughter Alia. After 5 minutes she was asking about my education, college, where do I live etc. I told her about myself then I asked about her. Her story is like this-

When Sara was a little girl at the age of 1 or 2 years her father died. She has four siblings who were also kids that time. Her mother had worked hard to meet their daily expenses. Due to poverty Sara did not get the opportunity of education. At the age of 14 or 15 she had to get married as their tradition and poverty.  She faces lots of difficulties and bad things because of the early age. She lost her childhood also and became a house wife. She has four daughters but still she felt bad as she doesn’t have a boy. This is not her fault completely as this kind of double standard thoughts are present in India especially in rural areas even now.  This is one of the saddest things in India people prefer boys as they think boy will take care of them at their old ages. This kind of perception should be changed now.

Her eldest daughter is 15 years old now. She does not want her daughters get marry at this early age like her. She wants to give higher education to them; So that, they take right decisions for them.  She doesn’t want they face the same problems as she faces after her marriage. She said that if she has to fight with her husband and in-laws for this she will do as they think girls should get marry at this age according to their tradition. I am sure she will be successful to prevent the marriage of her daughters in early age with her strong will power and confidence.

This kind of thoughts which are considered as tradition is wrong. Any custom which has been happening for long time is always not correct. We have to think that whether it is right or wrong. If it is wrong that custom should be stopped. Like Sara have realized that early marriage of girls creates lots of problems in their lives mentally as well as physically. To stand against the family for a woman like Sara is really very difficult. She wants her daughters should get marry when they will want to get marry after their graduation or after getting a job. Her daughters are very lucky to have a mother like her.


Apart from a good mother she is a good human being also with strong mentality and self respect. They have a big family and the earning of her husband is so good. They often face some financial crisis but she and her husband never beg to anybody to borrow money. They adjust their expenses according to the income. She thinks if they are unable to pay back the money how they will face the person who lends them money. It is not good to borrow money from someone and don’t pay back the money.

Some of her perceptions are wrong because of her surroundings, lack of proper education and some misconception about her society and community. According to her though she belongs to a Muslim family she had forced to get marry in her early age, Hindu girls are not forced for their marriage. Higher education is not allowed for Muslim girls. These believe or perceptions are totally wrong. I had convinced her religion is not the cause of early marriage or not getting education. This is the mentality of the parents and the society. Many Hindu girls face these same problems. It is not religion it is the mentality of our society responsible. Many Muslim girls are highly educated and in the other hand many Hindu girls are there who never go to the school.  In some cases poverty and lack of education also causes these kinds of things. We all are human being and equal. We all are the citizen of the same country.

No religion teaches violence or having double standard mentality for women. Some people are doing wrong things with wrong intentions wearing the mask of religion. So that other people can believe they are doing such things according to the religion.  We all are Indians, people all over the world should know this only instead of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain etc.  

I wanted to know more about her but the station cam and I had to leave. If I meet Sara someday in future I will definitely tell her she is a nice human being and a good mother with strong mentality. If every mother in India has same strong mentality and will power like her no girl will be forced to get marry at their young age. They will get the education properly.

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7 thoughts on “A Common Indian Mother With An Exceptional Mentality

  1. Yeah but graph says that majority of muslim organization are not educated in India than Hindu. I dont know the reason behind it. May be some old tradition but it must be changed. Today i am online and typing comments in comment box in a language which is not our home language i.e Hindi. So , i have the power to globaly connect to someone with most known language. So , this came from education. Another thing is women like “Sara” are the reason that some minority muslims are coming ahead in the field of education. We should not forget the greatest and in my opinion one of the best person “Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam who was a muslim but what he did for us is really adorable and he proved that its not about hindu or muslim its only about being Indian.

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    1. thank you for reading my post Rohit.. yes, it is true. but religion is not the reason. the reason is the people their thinking. i had mentioned many Muslims are highly educated like you have said Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam.


  2. Cause we Asians are so traditional and cultural people so we don’t tend to alter us . This became more rigid in the case of holy Islam..
    So there is prohibition of tubectomy they produce more kids than they can afford .. Hence they bring their child to work instead of early educations.

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