Makeup boosts our self-confidence by highlighting our best facial features and hiding those dark spots or wrinkle on our face that can bring down our confidence level. Makeup products make our skin look well-nourished; but have you ever noticed that sometimes it can actually make you appear older or too cakey? Almost all of us have tendencies of choosing the wrong makeup strategies. Often we are not aware of these wrong techniques. As a result we do not get the desired flawless look after wasting so long times for doing makeup on our face.




To help you to avoid the most common mistakes that can add years to your appearance I have decided to discuss about the makeup mistakes and their solutions. I am going to discuss about 10 makeup mistakes that most of us do daily and how to fix them.

  1. Choose the wrong foundation shade:

The most common mistake we all do is choosing the wrong shade of foundation which is too light or too dark for our skin. To find the perfect foundation match, many girls try it on their hands or wrists for a quick test before buying. However, doing this can cause you to buy a shade that’s too dark or light on your face and doesn’t match your skin colour.

Many of us have wrong conception that foundation is used to look fairer. This is absolutely wrong concept. Applying too light shade of foundation looks your skin cakey and fake. Foundation makes our skin tone even and gives our skin a flawless look.


Apply foundations to your jaw line in a thin layer, and then go to natural light and look in a mirror. If it matches your skin completely that means if no foundation patch is visible, that is the right shade of foundation for your skin.

  1. Forget to prime the skin:

Mistake that many people do everyday and don’t know it at all is forgot to use primer before applying the foundation. After cleaning and before foundation application, apply a Skin Primer to create a smoother, more hydrated surface that’ll hold your makeup in place for longer. If you have no skin primer, use a moisturizer according to your skin type before applying foundation.

makeup for  dry skin.jpg

Apart from applying primer you should be exfoliating once a week because applying foundation onto dry skin will accentuate flakiness, and it will sit on the top of your face instead of blending in. To exfoliate your face, use any good quality facial scrub according to your skin type.

  1. Apply too much powder:

Powder is good for setting the makeup onto your face and correcting skin defects only when it’s applied in small quantities. Many of us have habit of applying powder onto our face several times in a day when our facial skin looks oily. We apply powder without removing the oil from skin using tissue papers or makeup wipes. Over powdering throughout the day can make your face appear heavy and cakey.


Apply light mineral translucent powder to get rid of that greasy, glistening effect. Apply powder only where needed, which is usually in the T-zone. It’s best to use a brush, tapping away excess product and gently pressing into your face. Avoid powdering the area around the eyes — this will only highlight the wrinkles and make your skin look dry.

  1. Use blush in a wrong way:

A nice rosy hue on your cheeks is supposed to add the finishing touch to your face, not be the center of attention. Putting blush on all over your cheek can drag your face down and look overdone. Use a blush brush and applying color only to the apples of your cheeks or across the cheek bones. This way, your face will be lifted up naturally when you blend and avoid looking over-the-top and, well, like a clown.


Apply blush according to your skin tone and colour as well as face shape. Darker and warmer-skinned people should choose blush in shades of plums. For cool skin tones choose burnt orange-bronze for warm skin tones. People with neutral skin tones should use apricot, coral, or peach blush. Fair and cool tone people should use rose pink blush.

If you have a round face, apply your blush going from your temple to your cheekbone and jawbone. If you have a diamond or squared-shaped face, apply it horizontally on your cheeks. If you have a long face, spread the blush into a curve under your cheekbones. If you’ve got good cheeks avoid applying the blush in round-shapes and in pink tones.

  1. Apply too much mascara:

Mascara gives our lashes a fuller and bigger look when it is applied in thin layers. Never, ever put on too much mascara. It looks unnatural and often makes lumps. On the other hand, putting too much mascara on your lashes will shift everyone’s attention to the wrinkles around your eyes. No matter how small those wrinkles are — thick mascara will make them stand out.


To avoid this First apply by holding the wand horizontally at the base of the lash and wiggle out with your first coat, Then hold the wand vertically for thee second coat to build up length, curl and separation. Use brown that looks more natural or if you are dark-skinned use black.

  1. Not matching your eye shape to eyeliner style:

The shape and placement of your eyeliner is very important to define the shape of eyes. Eyeliner mistake is a common mistake we all do. People apply eyeliner as seen on movies, TV or magazines without considering their eye shape. For example if anyone with hooded eyes applies winged liner on her eyes it does not look good at all as winged liner is used to life the eye shape but hooded eyes are naturally lifted. Similarly, applying dark eyeliner to your lower lid makes your eyes look narrow. To counter the effect, use a nude eye pencil — this should add openness to your eyes.


If your eyes are closer set, the thickest, boldest part of the liner should be at the outer corner to widen them. Whereas for eyes that are spaced further apart, the thickest part of your eyeliner should be concentrated at the inner corner. Try an eye liner that lets you control how thick or thin you can paint on your liner angle.

  1. Too thick or too thin eyebrows:

Eyebrows are an important part of our face which defines not only our eye shape but also the entire look.  Brows should be thin or thick according to the face shapes. We can find many girls or women who have either too thick or too thin eyebrows with respect to their face. Too thick or too thin brows ruin the complete look.


When it comes to brows, less is always more. Using intense dark colors to enlarge and highlight your eyebrows can make your face look age-worn.  Start with a color that is the same or one shade lighter than your natural hair color. Instead of drawing a harsh stroke and trying to blend with your finger, use an eyebrow brush and use small strokes on the bottom of your brow and brush upwards. The soft strokes will create an illusion of a fuller look without going overboard while a brush makes it worlds easier to blend.

  1. Choose wrong lipstick:

There’s no question about it — lipstick can do wonders to your image as well as wrong shades can do disasters. Choose lipstick according to your skin tone and the shape of your lips. If your lips are naturally narrow, you should avoid using dark-toned lipsticks. Dark colors are likely to make your lips look even thinner. Use lighter colors to get fuller looking lips.

Another thing is never to put on too much lipstick or lip-gloss. You’ll look like clown if you do.  If your eyes are heavily made up then prefer a light-colored gloss, if not then use a darker color. If you have fuller lips avoid gloss.


Warm reds and browns or pale warm shades are good for warm skin tones. Cool, dark skin types can wear purples, rose, and sheer, pink gloss. Fair, warm skin types can wear lipsticks in warm pinks and reds, while cool skin types can try purple and cool pink.

  1. Using fingers to apply makeup:

A bad habit people have is to apply makeup products with fingers as well as use fingers to blend them. When you use your finger to apply makeup on your face, you’re going to get an uneven, cakey result.  Using of dry sponges results bad finish. Plus, sponges soak up a lot of the product, which basically means you could be wasting a bunch of foundation and wasting money. It’s simple and wise decision to invest in a good foundation brush—they’re easier to use and navigate across your face. You’ll wind up with much more even coverage and natural flawless makeup look.



  1. Wearing too much makeup

People have a tendency to apply too much makeup as they think it will give better coverage and hide the flaws. However, being heavy handed will actually make you look old. Let your skin show. Unless you have severe acne, foundation should only be used to correct minor redness and imperfections. Apply a light coat of foundation and then use concealer to target specific problem areas. It heavier coverage is required apply product in thin layers instead of a thick layer.

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    1. Thanks Lori for reading this post… I am glad that you liked it… Primer is an essential part of makeup routine as it holds the foundation and gives a long lasting makeup and perfect finish.. primer can be replaced by moisturizer on daily basis. for special occasion I will say primer will be the best..

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    1. Thank you for reading this post Amy.. we all make some mistakes in our lives… nobody is perfect.. so, don’t worry. try to avoid those mistakes.. I hope my post will help you to do that..:)

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