Being happy in our own body isn’t always easy these days. Almost everyone feels unhappy about their body at certain times of their lives. However, the fact can give you some comfort is your unhappiness is only your own feeling and nothing else. Letting go of this worry is about recognizing your own beauty and loving yourself for what you are. The best way to be happy in your body is to let go your insecurities about your life.

There is no such thing as a perfect body, and trying to achieve one is impossible. It doesn’t matter whether we are too skinny or too fat. The only thing matter is how we feel about ourselves. Everyone has their own unique shape that should be embraced and not criticized. Your body is part of what has taken you through life and that is something to love and admire.


I can understand admiring your body can be difficult, especially these days where we see photo shopped or edited images of models or actors constantly on a day to day basis. Those glamorous models  seen in magazines and television are false representations of what those people actually look like, but somehow we believe them true  and  expect to live up to those standards.

Through out my school and college I also wanted to achieve a perfect body. I had tried so many things to put on as well as put off weight. But all my tries went in vain. Later I realized perfect body is just a myth nothing else. Today I want to share my own experience with you all.

I was conscious about my looks and body from my school days. I was skinny as well as under weight.  Almost every person I know or met called me that I am skinny, so that I should put on some weight.  At that time my focus was on how to gain some weight that people don’t call me skinny and they consider me as a pretty girl with a perfect body. I had tried to eat foods with high calorie and fat more and more like fast food and junk food. I was unaware about the bad effects of those foods. My main motto was to gain weight and look good. I used to scrutinize myself in the mirror and search the ways to look better. However, there was no positive result and I became hopeless. I was skinny through out my school as well as almost two years of my college days.

When my second year is about to complete suddenly I noticed that I was gaining weight gradually. It was like a dream come true for me. I was very happy, confident and satisfied as I was received good compliments from people. I became dependent on how others think about me. I was happy and confident because I was getting compliments from others.

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Since I was unaware of the problem which I was going to face after six or seven months, I was not concerned about my diet and did not stop having unhealthy junk foods. After few months people started calling me fatty or bulky as I became bulky from skinny. I couldn’t fit myself in most of my favorite dresses. Again I started to scrutinize myself in the mirror and this time I wanted to lose some weight.  I had tried to follow a proper diet, started to do exercise and other stupid things but this time also I did not get any positive result. I again became conscious about my body and my looks and started to lose confidence.

One day suddenly I realized my looks were not the problem, they never were. I understood that what I did not like about my body had nothing to do with my weight. It was something else, something within me that was reflecting out and causing me to feel unattractive and lose my confidence. From that day I stopped thinking about my body and looks.

It was the realization that started my journey to love myself as well as discover my beauty and authenticity. Slowly, I started to find out things that make me happy. I gradually began to feel less self-conscious around others and much more comfortable with myself. For the first time in my life I started to feel confident and beautiful. I saw it in the mirror and it showed in my personality.

Since I had faced both phases as a thin and a fat person respectively I can assure you that people can criticize you for you body but it doesn’t mean you are unattractive or should feel shy about your body. Your soul and inner beauty remains same which is more important than outer beauty. You need to find your authenticity and love yourself.

If you’re also looking to feel more at confident with yourself and your body, I recommend you these steps to follow-

  1. Find out the reasons why you feel bad about your body and write down on a paper. After that try to realize whether those reasons really matters to your life or not.
  2. Accept your body as it is and love it.
  3. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  4. Discard negative people from your life who always criticize you and this causes to lose your confidence level.
  5. Make new friends. It will help you to be a happier person.
  6. Surround with positive people who love themselves. It will help you to love your self.
  7. Find new hobbies what you love to do. It will reduce stress and anxiety.
  8. Pay attention more to the compliments you get rather than the criticism.
  9. Find out what you like about yourself (positive things) and focus on those things more.
  10. Improve your health and well being by taking care of your hygiene.
  11. Set positive goals to make yourself more positive and determined.
  12. Do physical activities like yoga, exercise, walking etc. you can play any sport you like.
  13. Don’t compare yourself with others as every person is different. Compare yourself with only with you.
  14. Appreciate what you have instead of being sad for what you don’t have.
  15. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel comfortable and good about you. It’s a great way to have confidence in your body and look at yourself in a positive manner.
  16. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to get good physical as well as mental health.

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17.  Seek professional help if there is any serious health problem like diabetes, thyroid problem, hormonal problem etc.

18. Positive self talk to find positive things about yourself and remove negative things from your mind.

Just remember one thing- A fit and healthy body is the best fashion statement.

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    1. Thanks Martin for reading.. Yes most of the times they are fake.. Photos are made perfect by photoshop.. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.. there is no perfect body shape or perfect beauty.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. exactly and Yea , we software guys knw that they are morphed..the body is from other person and face is from other person, eyes and each part of the body…from each pic and mix it..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah.. But not all time.. All I want to say is may be someone has a beautiful and healthy body and we should appreciate that also.. However, we should not consider that body as perfect or should not set any parameter.. No one is perfect in this world… everyone is different from each other… 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Great post, though I have to admit I was angry there for a moment – I was about to suggest it, but then I read #5 – Get new friends – and you had already figured that one out on your own. Good for you! Anyone who would talk to you in that manner is no one whose opinion is worth any note and is not a friend. You’re beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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