1,337 Likes!!! Another Milestone…


Today  I opened my notification box and find a weird looking number (1,337) of likes as a milestone. My first reaction was, “How 1337 number of likes can be a milestone? It is not a number like 500, 1000 or 1500. Maybe WordPress has gone crazy today.”

To know the actual reason I search this term on ‘Google’. Here is what I found out- 1337 means ‘leet’, short for elite, in other word ‘The Best’. If you flip 1337, it says LEET. It’s rather geeky and few people still use it.

1337 was first created by some people who would wanted to talk in a forum without any outsiders barging in. Some outsiders may have figured out the language and started using it as well. Eventually, 1337 became famous all over the internet. The original use of 1337 is hardly practiced any more, but it survives because many people use it for fun.

I’m very happy to reach this magical number..  I must say WordPress is creative as well as very encouraging.. 

I’m grateful to everyone who visit my blog site and give their valuable time to it. Thank you all bloggers who liked my posts and also share their feedback. I want to thank those people who are not in WordPress but read my posts and share their wonderful feedback. I wouldn’t have come this far without your love and support.

Thanks again for making me a quite successful  (Elite) blogger (according to WordPress)! It feels really Awesome.. Love you all.. 🙂


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