Quote For The Day 16…

Today’s ‘Quote For The Day’ is…

“Every Problem Has (n+1) Solutions,

Where ‘n’ Is The Number Of Solutions That We Have Tried

& ‘1’ Is That We Have Not Tried

Which Is The Right One…”



This Unique and Little bit Mathematical Quote is suggested by one of my Friends.. I find this quote interesting as well as different from other ones.. So, I decided to share this quote with you all.. I hope you all will like also..

This Quote means- Every problem that presents our lives has many solutions that number is referred as (n+1).  We try to solve the problem in different ways i.e. ‘n’ number of ways..  If the problem is not solved, we loose our hopes and patience. We don’t want to attempt once again to solve it. However, we don’t realize that ‘1’ solution is the Right Solution as we had failed several times trying to attempt those wrong solutions.

So, the entire meaning is- If you want to solve any problem or achieve something, don’t lose hope after few attempts as those are failed, Try once more this will make you out of the problem or make you Successful.


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