Succeed after so many Failures…

Success and failure are two opposite sides of a coin. A person should face the failure before achieving his goal. Unless you face the failure you can’t feel the true happiness of success.


Today I can say this because had faced failure so many times in my life and at one time I started to believe that may be I don’t have that talent or ability to achieve that position for which I was working hard for long time.

I want to say sorry to my readers and my followers for not publishing any post on my blog for so many days. I love to communicate with you all through my blog posts but I was unable to write something new due to my health problem. Thanks to all for reading my posts and sharing your wonderful feedback. Recently I’ve reached 1000 Followers on my blog which couldn’t be possible without your support and love.

I want to share a great news of my life with you all guys that I’ve got a job in India’s largest public sector bank i.e. the State Bank of India. This is a job I’ve dreamed for more than two years. When I got the news via message it was a dream come true moment for me.

However, I believe that I couldn’t feel this much happiness if I didn’t experience the failures of my life.

Today I want to share my own experience with you all how I achieve success after two years of struggle and failures.

I had completed my Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering with too so many hopes and dreams. But like I’ve discussed about the condition of engineering colleges and the engineering students in India in one of my earlier posts my situation was not different from them at all. I was graduated from an engineering college with good marks but I didn’t get any job. After sometime I’ve applied for some jobs via internet and got some calls for interview but I felt those jobs are not for me.

I was offered jobs in call centres as technical support and some other technical jobs in small companies also but I felt after completing engineering I shouldn’t do these kind of jobs at least. I always wanted to do a government or a public sector job as these jobs are secured and better than private sectors in India in my opinion. So I started to prepare myself for these kind of jobs.

I’ve applied for some jobs as soon as the forms were realised. I was aware about the competition and the question standards little bit. Because that was first time for me I didn’t take it very seriously. We all know the reality is difficult and bitter. There was more than 20 lakhs or 2 million people are competing for just about 20 thousands of vacancies in banking sectors and in govt sector numbers of vacancies are in hundreds.

I had failed badly in my written exams badly. I couldn’t even clear the cut offs and got eliminated. I was disappointed after two or three failures but I was confident that I will get a good job if I work hard.  

I started to work hard and practice more. I also joined an institute which teaches the students to crack govt. and bank jobs. At the time of taking classes I had applied for some more jobs and this time I was more confident as I felt I improved my skills with the help of my coaching class.

The very first exam was the State Bank probationary officer exam. I gave it with confidence but due   to lack of accuracy and speed I could not clear the preliminary written exam because of the shortage of 0.75 marks. After that one after one exam came, the result was same. Sometimes total cut offs were not cleared by 2 or 3 marks or sometimes sectional cut offs. I became disappointed each time but I convince myself to do better in the next exam.

In the mean time almost all of my friends are getting job or doing higher studies and I was jobless. I never felt jealous of their success, I was very happy for them from the bottom of my heart but I felt little bit demotivated. I think it was quite natural. Anybody in my situation felt the same.

One day my one message came and gave me a ray of hope. That message came from the Life Insurance Corporation of India for the interview call as I had cleared the written exam. I was very happy and it seemed like I was one step before my success. But this time also my luck was not with me and I was not selected in the interview.

After that one after another failure came to my life. I had appeared at least 10 exams and all time I was failed to clear the exams.  This time I lost my confidence level totally and started to believe that I can’t fulfill my dreams. I was not having the ability and enough talent for that. Negative thoughts were started to fill my mind by replacing positivity. I saw the disappointment in my parents face also.

I wanted to get back my positivity and confidence level. I had applied in a well-known college for studying MBA as MBA students have better opportunities for good jobs. I got selected in that college. In the mean time I wanted to do something for not only myself but also help the others. So, I started a new blog and started writing.

Starting a blog and writing blog posts was not very good experience as I was a new blogger and most of my friends and family members didn’t know what the blog is as blogging in India is not very common. I had to request them to read my blog too many times and even I sent the links of my blog posts to them individually at the social media sites. My parents also didn’t support me; they don’t even support me now also. However, after 2 or 3 posts I was getting good responses and it increases my confidence level.

In the mean time I was appeared for the exam of the post of Junior Associate in State Bank of India.

I can’t express with words what is my blog is for me. It’s not my hobby but my passion.

I started MBA classes in July, this year and continue writing my posts.  My new college friends were very much supportive to my blog. Life became happy and positive again.

One morning suddenly the good news came to me that I Junior associate in State Bank of India. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so happy that all my pains and struggles were gone at that time.

I gave this news to my parents; they were also very happy for me. That amount of happiness I had never seen in their face. I saw the proud feeling for me also for the first time for me.

After two years of struggle I achieved the success and make my parents proud. From 19th December a new chapter of my life will start as a bank employee.  Sadly I have to leave MBA College. I will not be able to continue MBA now but this job is my Priority.


I hope you liked my story and not felt bored… 😀

I know many people can relate them with me and they also felt demotivated, disappointed sometimes in their lives.

Try to do your best with a positive mind-set whatever you want to do. Don’t lose hope because of failures. It is better to fail than not trying. Failure is the first step of success. Without failures success has no value; no importance.

Take care… Be happy and be positive in your lives….



13 thoughts on “Succeed after so many Failures…

  1. Love the point you make that “success is sweeter after experiencing many setbacks (though you called them failures). When you work that hard to secure a job, you have experienced putting your whole self into the process. Congratulations.

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  2. Congratulations you have worked so hard and picked yourself up so many times. I see a lot of bloggers in india but i guess the population of india is so large that blogging is unknown. I am in uk. I think we all suffer failure then success and it goes a bit like that. And we have to learn lessons. Wish you all the success with your job

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  3. Great post 😊 could relate to every word of it. I quit my job in deloitte a very famous mnc… to appear fir bank exams. After a few failed attempts seven months later got an offer from indian overseas bank. From the journey of four years from a probationary officer to a branch manager with a promotion in my kitty was great. But I had to leave my job as I shifted to Prague. So again I am back to square one… I know that many failures will be lined up here when I actually become eligible to apply for jobs here. But I am not worried. Because I know I’ll make it one day. I think initially failures bother us a lot but gradually over a period of time they provide assurance towards our efforts 😊

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