Push yourself out of your comfort zone…

Sometimes what keeps us from getting what we want in life is our reluctance to change our routines and habits. We want to minimize the stress and risk that breaking the routine may cause. However, we may know in our heart of hearts that the job or relationship is not right for us. We endure them because we fear what is next, or we are stuck in a neurotic pattern based in our experiences. Whatever it is – we can break out of these patterns and create positive change.

I was not a big fan of doing the unusual thing. But I’ve tried something new in my life and i.e. writing and created this blog. I was not a very good writer but I wanted to express my thoughts, opinions to the world that’s why I had decided to create a blog site and started blogging.


Expand your comfort zone. And if you change your perspective on yourself from someone who sticks to the old and comfortable all the time to someone who likes to mix things up then it will feel more natural and easier to break out of your comfort zone when comes to bigger things too.

You may not a lot of room for the growth of your career and life in your comfort zone. To add a little zest to your life, it’s important to try new and sometimes scary things. Stretch your limits out of your comfort zone! Getting outside of your comfortable box may be tough at first, but gradually facing unfamiliar challenges can make you happier and more fulfilled in the long run. With a little understanding and a few adjustments, you can break away from your routine and do great things.


Firstly, it’s important to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. But what is the “comfort zone” exactly? Why is it that we tend to get comfortable with the familiar things, but when we’re introduced to new and interesting things, the shine fades so quickly?

Simply, your comfort zone is a behavioral space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It provides a state of mental security, happiness, low anxiety, and reduced stress.

Anyone who’s ever pushed themselves to reach the next level or accomplish something knows that when you really challenge yourself, you can turn up amazing results. However, pushing too hard can actually cause a negative result.

Even so, your comfort zone is neither a good or bad thing. It’s a natural state. Leaving it means increased risk and anxiety, which can have positive and negative results, but don’t demonize your comfort zone as something holding you back. We all need that space where we’re least anxious and stressed so we can process the benefits we get when we leave it.

What do you really get when you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone?

You’ll be more productive.  You’ll have an easier time dealing with new and unexpected changes. By taking risks in a controlled fashion and challenging yourself to things you normally wouldn’t do, you can learn to live outside your comfort zone when you choose to can prep you for life changes that force you out of it.

Once you start stepping out of your comfort zone, it gets easier over time. Trying new things can make us reflect on our old ideas and where they clash with our new knowledge, and inspire us to learn more. Our tendency to only seek out information we already agree with.

The benefits you get after stepping outside of your comfort zone can linger. There’s the overall self-improvement you get through the skills you’re learning, the new foods you’re trying, the new country you’re visiting, and the new job you’re interviewing for. There are also the soft mental benefits you get from broadening your horizons.

Add a spark to your day and come alive. It keeps you from getting stuck in the same old daily or weekly routine and it adds more fun to your life. When you do the unusual thing regularly you to discover a ton of new and exciting things that will refuel your curiousness about what else is out there that you haven’t discovered just yet.

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