Villains are new Heroes of Bollywood Movies

Bollywood, also known as Hindi cinema, is the Indian Hindi language film industry, based in the city of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), Maharashtra India.  By revenue, Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and the second largest film producer in the world after Hollywood.

Bollywood is also one of the largest centers of film production in the world. Mainstream Hindi cinema (or Bollywood) is consumed by a widely distributed public.  By tickets sold, it is the largest film industry in the world.


Bollywood has traditionally been obsessed with the concept of protagonist heroes struggled against the antagonist villains. For the hero to emerge as the good guy the villain has always received the hatred. Perhaps, when we are losing too many battles in real life, and need a victory on the screen. However, there are several instances where the villains are actually portrayed as the main characters (Raees, D-day, Haseena Parkar, etc.).

The clear discrimination between hero and villain in Hindi movies is blurring as protagonists now have negative shades. Now a day, in some movies hero represents the antagonist and the protagonist is portrayed as villains.

India is a country where movie stars are treated as gods and goddesses and movies capture a huge space in a common man’s life. The immense influence of movies can be greatly negative if movies are based on gangsters, underworld dons where they are represented as heroes.

For example, few days ago I saw a film named “Ittefaq” which is the sequel of 1969 famous movie “Ittefaq”. Stories of both the movies are almost similar. Movie based on double murder mystery and two suspects. The investigating police officer interrogated both the victims and found the truth. In the older movie both the culprits found guilty. But in the newer one, the culprit flew away with the help of some coincident which helps him to prove another person guilty. Police attempts to stop the culprit’s flight but in vain.


Despite of a good thriller movie it makes negative impact on society especially on the youth. They may think they can do something wrong and they will never be caught. From our childhood we are taught that truth and honesty always wins, which is true but our movies showing the opposite.

Not only this movie this year but we also saw some other movies based on gangsters and underworld like Raees, Haseena Parkar, Daddy, etc. and so many films in the past years. In each movie these gangsters are portrayed as heroes or protagonist and famous Bollywood heroes and heroines played the role of the gangster.

Heroes shooting at cops; kills people and villains raping women all have one thing common i.e. there is no law. This attitude is picked up very easily and quickly by minds of young generation.  Criminal tendencies are grown by movies which show violence and lawlessness. Bullying, threatening, eve teasing, stealing, verbal and physical abuse are the most common consequences of these films.

Today movies show new ways to torture and physical abuse which inspires the young minds to indulge in these acts. A study found that those who as children watched violent films or shows were more likely to be convicted for crime.

Don’t you think the moral wrongdoing in Hindi cinema affects the thought and mentality of an Indian audience? People especially youth often copies their favourite heroes\heroines from their hair styles and looks to their dialogues and their reel life characters. As superstars are taken as most of our role-models so in return they have a responsibility towards the society.

These movie stars are more popular than real heroes of the country. How many of know about those heroes who seem to be an ordinary man but he is doing extraordinary to save our lives? Their achievements are dwarfed by giant posters of movies and glamorous movie stars.

We cannot deny the fact that movies today are way more violent and vulgar than before. The film makers choose these themes which surprisingly increases their fan following by audience. Movies like these show new ways of physical abuse and torture which encourages young minds to indulge into these acts.

There was a time when not just heroes and heroines are needed, but also villains and vamps. We won’t know the importance of light or positivity if we don’t know dark or negativity. Similarly, hero’s goodness, kind-heartedness can’t portray in the silver screen if there is not a monstrous villain to conflict with the hero.

Those were the days when writers would concentrate on every character. At that time there would always be the three main characters hero, heroine and the villain but with time the villains began to overpower the heroes as their characters are given more importance. Gradually, the heroes began to choose negative roles to become more versatile.

Over time movie makers have even turned the way of showing romance in movies. We see today that nudity has become a usual practice in most of the movies or is seen as a way to attract audience and make movie a huge commercial success. Most of the scenes depicted directly affect the youth as they being immature, they try implementing in real life leading to miserable life problems. These are leading to a mentally and physically disturbed society.


Many a times some scenes in movies depict something that is far from reality. Women are sometimes shown as lower than men and are usually treated brutally.

I will conclude saying that movies if on one side are beneficial then on the other hand it may be fatal as well. Movies affect us a lot in our daily life. A person should decide what to watch and go for decent films. Today, if we look towards the vulgarity including violence related movies then they are running at the box office because there is a demand, as soon as the demand goes off, supply will cease. More importantly, censor board should look into the matter and avoid the disturbing scenes that put harm to the society. In the end, movies are meant to be enjoyed and it should not affect anybody’s life in a wrong way.

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16 thoughts on “Villains are new Heroes of Bollywood Movies

  1. Thanks to you for preparing such an article which is relevant and pragmatic, as well. I think, now a days, the technocentric people tend to commit more crimes than yore, as, they are derelict of humanism and practical ethics. That is the prime reason why the cinema producers and directors are too much with issues which you have tried your best to delineate.

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  2. Interesting. Bollywood is trying to upgrade since years, gone those times where only white-collar people used to deserve a win. The movie that hit my mind first is Vaastav, don’t remember many movies before it that portrayed a negative character with that much emotions.

    Liked by 1 person

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