Parents may not be perfect but they are priceless…

This is the 100th post of my blog and it is written by my friend Arnjit. I’m glad to share this post with you all friends.

Every child in this world loves his or her parents. They are most important people in the world to him. I too love my parents very much. I always feel the happiest and safest when I am with my parents.

Our lives start with emptiness. When we born we don’t bring anything us. This is an eternal truth for everyone. However, do you ever think that what is our life’s best gift? The answer is our parents. Yes, those people because of whom we are what we are now in our lives.

Specially, our mom who carries us into her womb for 10 months. She is always with us. Even if we are bad persons for the rest of the world, we are always good for her. Even if we do anything wrong, in that time she is also with us. She is not there to support us; she is there to rectify our mistakes.

And the other most important person is our dad, when we broken down or choose a wrong path he will guide us with his all experience. May be sometimes he scold us but it’s for our good.

Mother’s love and Father’s guidance which make a child perfect child. Sometimes we don’t understand them and we misbehave with them, but still they care for us. They don’t want anything for them; they only want to see us happy and successful in our lives.

In this current generation we don’t care about their feelings, we only think of ourselves. If you see now a day’s maximum person left their family specially their parents alone to achieve their success or reach their goals. But I have question for everyone, do you ever want to know how many dream they have sacrificed for you??? No, we don’t ask them or even care about them.

I was an engineering student. I spend 4 years away from my family, I know what family is, responsibility is and what is parent’s love. Every day they ask me that I am okay or not. If I was sick a little bit my mom always get tensed about it.

When I had my 1st semester in that time dad had a tumour in his urinal bladder and it got blast and he was bleeding whole night, but still next day morning he called me to wake me up when he was on his way to the hospital. Mom also didn’t tell me anything about, when I l had learned about that truth I just angry on them. That time I was young, but one thing I was able to understand that how much they love me.

But I hurt them many times. When I didn’t get admission in MBBS for some financial problems, I get mad at them; reason was why I was getting admission for BE (Bachelor of Engineering). At first I had no interest in engineering, so, I was not studying properly as well as not attending the classes. As usual I’ve failed in 2 subjects in first semester, and also failed in 4 subjects in second semester. However, I was not a bad student. I never get failed in any subjects in my whole school life, so it also broke me.

I was too depressed at that time and stopped talking to everyone, even with my parents; but they always ask me I was fine or not, and my reply always was I fine. But I know how much depressed I was at that time. But I don’t want to share my feelings or problem with them because they forcefully made my admission in engineering.

But I didn’t know how they knew that I was not fine. One morning suddenly Dad called me and told me that he was coming to Bangalore to meet me. That was the love of parents; if you want to hide your feelings from them, they can still somehow feel your problems. But sometimes we don’t want to share with them many things specially our feelings.

When I tore my Air force joining letter because my mom as she was not ready to let me go for that job. That time I got so angry, and stopped talking to her at that time I saw her, she was also upset as she always wanted to see me happy.

Then, one day she told me if I really want to do the job I can go. That day I understand they are ready to sacrifice their happiness for us. And that they I decided that I will never do anything that makes them unhappy. At least this much I can do for them.

But now a day’s maximum old aged parents  are spending their without their children cause they leave them on their home or old age home and reason is who is going to take their medical bills, their responsibility, or the most common excuse ”lack of time ”. However, we don’t think how much sacrifice they have made for us. We think our lives, our future etc. Not their happiness.

I am not saying that I am perfect one and others people are wrong but at least I can say I will never leave them alone because they are always with me whenever I get lost or make wrong decision they are there always with me to back my life in the track again. In future if I ever leave them alone or hurt them it will be the biggest mistake which will be made by me.


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